“Which Strategy Can Take Daily Cash Profits from the Market Fastest? That’s the One I Want!
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Recent Trade Results...
+$560.00 in 6 minutes....
+$120.00 in 14 minutes....
$390.00 in 14 minutes....
+$167.00 in 32 minutes....
+$765.00 in 24 minutes....
+$195.00 in 4 minutes....
+$207.00 in 28 minutes....
+$430.00 in just over an hour....
+$225.00 in 32 minutes....
+$135.00 in 24 minutes....
+$380.00 in 27 minutes....
+$230.00 in 28 minutes....
+$430.00 in 68 minutes....
+$690.00 in 22 minutes....
+$650.00 in 22 minutes....
+$305.00 in 38 minutes....
+$1,035.00 in 49 minutes....
+$640.00 in 49 minutes....
+$495.00 in 49 minutes....
+$2,025.00 Profit Made In Just 56 Minutes - BEFORE I Was Even Able To Make A Cup of Coffee....
(see below...)
How I Spent Yesterday's $825.00
Trading Profits Last Night In Hollywood...
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The ROCK STAR Trade...
The BURRITO Trade...
The JAWS Trade...
 “Which Strategy Can Take Daily Cash Profits from the Market Fastest? That’s the One I Want!
I’ll trade almost ANYTHING to make money.

• I started trading rare books in 1996 on the Internet…
• I’ve traded commodities, gold, options, and futures since 1987…
• I buy low and sell high: cars, boats, houses, businesses…
• And I’ll take my profits and trade to make more money with them…

I make no apologies for my behavior.

I’m ruthless when it comes to taking profits from the market, because the market is a jungle.

I’m not trying to make friends…

I’m trying to make money…

I’m the last person you want on the other side of your trade. And the first person you want by your side, in your corner when you are trading.

I’ll say it again:

I will do almost anything to make money...
More importantly, I’ll do ANYTHING to HELP YOU
I was just about to start a coaching session with a new client. Over the last few years I’ve tested and taught over a dozen different trading strategies. I typically start coaching a new client by giving him a choice of several strategies. Before we even got started he said,
“I don’t want or need to learn 100 different strategies, just give me the one that works!”
That shocked me. I never had a client so certain about what he wanted.

I said to myself, “This is my kind of client…”

I immediately liked him. That’s my dream client if I ever saw one.

He went on to say that he had made several million dollars over the course of his life and one important thing he learned was that,

“…if you really want to make a lot of money, take the direct route … get there in the shortest time possible. Stop fooling around with penny ante stuff. Forget everything else, and focus on the one method that works.”

He went on to say, “So, which strategy can take daily cash profits from the market in the shortest time possible? That’s the one I want to learn.”

As you can tell from the way he talked, HE KNEW WHAT HE WANTED!

In the 40+ years I’ve been in the business as an independent trader, the strategy in the video (called ‘volatility arbitrage’ or sometimes known as ‘basis arbitrage’) above is the one strategy I use and I know is the fastest way to make six-figures trading.

I explained to him that, “As you saw, over a 7 day period this strategy made over $7,261 in profits. And that’s using just 1 contract. Multiply that single contract over 252 trading days a year and you’re firmly situated in the low six-figures potential. Multiply that by multiple contracts times 252 trading days per year and you’re in the mid six-figure range.”

He was hooked… and decisive and said, “Teach it to me”

And, with pleasure, I did.

Within days he started making $1,300, $5,000, $6,032 … daily.

He studied hard, mastered it, and was aggressive. Not many are.

He knew what he wanted and he was certain to get it.
He saw first hand that this is the only strategy that is really scalable, easily manageable and has very high profit margins. And that’s exactly what he was looking for to start his own six-figure trading business.

The market has a wide open architecture. You can design a strategy using dozens of different instruments and methods with a million combinations.

But that’s the problem…

There are too many choices and too many methods that are only a little bit profitable.
What he wanted was the one strategy that would take
him to his daily cash profit goal fastest …
He wasn’t interested in ‘dabbling’ in low profit income strategies or strategies that didn’t have significant edge or could not make large profits or weren’t scalable.

He was a successful and determined and he understood that there’s risk in trading just like in any business endeavor, but he had a formula that worked for him:
“…if you really want to make a lot of money, take the direct route… get there in the shortest time possible”
I stated above that the market is a jungle.

When you start your trading business, you’re going to run into an enemy that has more information, more power and more money than you.

Every retail trader has a common enemy: Institutions and big money traders.

You’re just ‘food’ to them. They want to eat your capital. You are lunch to them, nothing more. You’re insignificant compared to their size.

How do you win against a bigger, faster, stronger enemy?
Confuse the crap out of them and then blind them
Disorient them… shock them… make it hard for them to find you…

That’s why we trade spreads on futures and ETF’s… we are long and short the market at the same time. When we are both ‘long’ and ‘short’ we are taking both sides of the market - we don’t care if the market goes up or down!

When we do that, the big money traders are essentially flying ‘blind’ :

They can’t ‘hunt’ for our orders…

They can’t tell what our game plan is…

They can’t manipulate the market in a way that hurts our position…

See? I don’t play by their rules.

I don’t give a fig about what they want.

I don’t get trapped by their manipulations of the market.

I’m immune to news, Fed speak, gossip, tips and economic events.

And it’s making me richer and wealthier every day.
I click a few keys on my keyboard each morning, check the “2 Line” signal and hit ‘enter’ to buy or sell. And I’m done for the day.

I play golf.

I take my wife shopping.

I have homes in DC and New York and travel.

I do whatever I want.

I come back at the end of the day to decide if I should exit, take a loss or take profits and I’m done.
That’s the way it should be…

This is what absolute freedom looks like.

All the crap you hear and read online from market ‘experts’ and all the talking heads on financial news have one purpose :
They want you confused and disorientated
That’s how communist regimes come to power. They confuse and disorientate the citizenry. That’s their goal … because a confused person can’t think clearly.

The ‘pros’: institutions and big money players want you confused so you make mistakes.

Then they can take your money.
See when you let them confuse you, you are playing by their rules.

Start playing to win. And to win you have to stop playing by their rules, so…
When you don’t play by their rules you win more.

What should get you excited first is …
… the massive profit potential
All of a sudden, you’re free and you have the power in your hands to change your financial future. Here’s a list of things you can’t do in most other businesses, but you can when you build a trading business:
• It’s a business you can do from home - in your spare time or full-time…
You can do this almost anytime you want - the market is open 5 days a week, 23 hours a day. I setup in the morning, and don’t came back until 4 PM EST just to check, otherwise my day is mine. I can check the markets and positions anytime on my phone.
• It’s a business that you can easily manage, even when you’re super busy…
Get in or out of positions in less than a second almost 24/7. Profits are INSTANTLY deposited to your account… you can withdraw the cash, use it to trade some more or just sit on it and earn interest - your choice. business that you can easily manage, even when you’re super busy…
• It’s a business with very low or no overhead and expenses…
All you need is a computer, a broker account and some capital to start with - you can start with as little as $500. Your only expenses are commissions when you make a trade - usually .65 cents or less per contract. And you can trade ETF’s for free with most brokers.
• It’s a business with no inventory, leases to sign, employees or equipment…
Other than your computer, you have no other equipment purchases and no leases for office space - I work from home. You’ll have zero inventory to buy, store, count or go to waste. The best part for me is NO employees. At one time I had 13 and I can tell you it’s one of the things I liked least about having a business.
• It’s a business you can shut down anytime you want and go on vacation…
Try doing that with any other kind of business… most business owners can’t. Unless they have staff they really trust not to screw things up, or put them out of business while they are gone. Restaurant owners are especially vulnerable to this problem. But when you own trading business, you are in control of your time, your vacations, your life.
• It generates real profits - deposited to your account INSTANTLY…
No waiting for checks to clear or credit card payments to be ‘settled’ or runs to the bank with bags of coins to deposit like with most ‘traditional’ businesses.
• You can do this from anywhere in the world…
Hanging out in Hungary? Trying to live a balanced life in Brazil? Or just chillin’ in Chicago? If you have a computer and Internet you have everything you need to get started today.
Just think about other businesses you could start…with these kinds of advantages?

There aren’t any!

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

In the video above you saw the blue dot+orange line ‘signal’ (the “2 Line Signal”) on the ThinkorSwim (TOS) platform…
… when the blue dots are above the orange ‘control line’ you go LONG…. and when the blues dots are below the orange control line you go SHORT.
That’s all you have to do to start winning.
Let’s do some more trading:
All of my custom scripts are also available for Tradingview now. In the video you can see what they look like on TOS. Here’s what they look like on Tradingview.

Here’s the perfect setup for today - when the blue dots are above the orange ‘control line’ you go LONG:
This signal generated $2,390 in profits with just one spread
Here’s what a SHORT setup looks like - when the blues dots are below the orange control line you go SHORT:
This signal generated $1,610 in profits with just one spread
This one indicator wins 8 out of 10 like clockwork
Yes, win 8 out of 10 trades. Pro baseball players don’t hit 80%… they are lucky to hit 45% of the balls thrown at them. If this indicator was a pro baseball player it would be the best in the league and the best batter in history!

What about bad signals?? Here’s a losing signal. It indicated a SHORT. You’ll notice in addition to the blue dots and the orange ‘control line’ there’s a gray line. That gray line is your built-in stop loss. If the trade goes again you - the few times that it’s wrong - you exit at the gray line to avoid large losses:
What can you expect on a losing trade? We got you covered with built-in stop signals!
Profit analysis:

Trade one = $2,390
Trade two: $1,610

Trade three: -$230

Total profit = $3,770
That’s $1,256 in ave profit PER DAY x 252 days = $316,680 /Year
The orange ‘control line’, the blue ‘dotted line’ and the gray line all work together and give you the confidence you need to make six-figures in your trading business
This indicator and the others I’ve created like the Bell Curve oscillator, I trust with my hard-earned money.

The algorithms that power the indicators are complex. They are sophisticated beyond belief. And they took 7 years and $403,380 to develop. One of the videos I did was shown to a Yale professor of mathematics who told me, “That’s the best explanation of volatility I’ve ever seen”.
While these indicators took 7 years to develop and were created with assistance of AI (artificial intelligence) … they are very easy to use and understand.
There’s no ‘guessing’ … the signal
is either UP or DOWN. That’s it.
While these indicators took 7 years to develop and were created with assistance of AI (artificial intelligence) … they are very easy to use and understand.

There’s no ‘guessing’ … the signal is either UP or DOWN. That’s it.

You don’t need to be a professor of a top Ivy League university to understand, use and profit from them!

All the hard work to create them has been done!

Watch the video at the top of this page again…
The power of the “2 Line Signal” is irrefutable
In fact, no other method is more effective at helping certain people make six-figures in trading.

I say “certain” people because, like my client above, you must want it badly enough and have the desire to go for it. It won’t come to you on a silver platter like the privileged 1%… you must reach out and grab the opportunity and take it.

If you don’t have the courage, don’t have the desire to become a six-figure trader no one is going to help you - only you can help yourself. You must take action to get what you want in this life.

Just ‘thinking’ about it will not make you feel any better and will not fatten your wallet.

One of the questions I get a lot is, “Well, Dave, if you’re making so much money with trading, why are you selling courses?”

The question itself reveals the ignorance of basic business principles of the person asking. However, the response may clear up any confusion you may have:
First, early in my career I read that, “If you really want to get good at something, teach it to others”. And so I’ve always been a teacher – as soon as I had something valuable to share, I taught it and I learned more than I would have ever known if I didn’t teach it.

Second, I’m a trader. That’s what I do, I trade financial instruments …so… I also trade my expertise and knowledge.

I suggest you do the same: If you really want to help people and be of service to them, start teaching what you know. You’ll learn more, you’ll have students that really appreciate you for it.
In the future I will be offering Certification in this trading system.

If you start learning now, you may be qualified to start teaching others this premier trading strategy and get paid for doing so.
In the meantime are you ready to make your own decisions, grab your right to cash profits daily in the market and snub your nose at Wall Street jerks who constantly trade against you?

When I first started my trading career in (full-time) I made all kinds of mistakes: I listened too much to the ‘talking heads’ who told me to buy this, buy that. I paid attention to the economic reports, but always guessed wrong on the direction. Bad news seems to make the market go up and good news, down. I could never quite figure it out. It confused me.

I lost money on almost everyone of those ‘recommendations’ made by screaming banshee’s on late night financial TV … booya!
That’s when I decided NOT TO PLAY BY THEIR RULES… that was the most important decision of my life and it’s the one that turned EVERYTHING around for me financially
… that’s when I discovered ‘basis arbitrage’ which is what this strategy is all about.

I spent the next 7 years trying to come up with the ‘perfect’ indicator for the volatility arbitrage trade when it finally ‘clicked’. With the help of a dozen math geniuses and the input of AI (artificial intelligence) and over $407,380 spent … the tools, indicators and signals that make it brain-dead simple to implement were ready.

Now they can be yours for a fraction of the cost to develop.

One you have the power of these tools and the knowledge of how to use them you can stick your middle finger up at Wall Street ‘insiders’ because…
You’re not playing by their rules anymore
This is an opportunity, that doesn’t come around but maybe once in a lifetime, to really start managing your own money and and controlling the outcome instead of being controlled by market forces that are working against you.
Let’s cut the BS… you want a six-figure trading business and I can show you the way.

Just the “2 Line Signal” alone could be worth hundreds of thousands to you. Then there’s two other indicators I use for swing trades: The Bell Curve oscillator and the Dominance indicator.

These two indicators will ‘spot’ the really big swing moves in the spread… and that’s where literally fortunes can be made with the strategy:
This swing trade signaled by the BellCurve and Dominance is worth $ 18,176 using just 1 contract
You get the scripts for TOS and TV and full instructions on use and strategy. When combined with the 2 Line Signal, you have an un-beatable combination to start winning and blind-siding the institutions.

This may seem a bit cliché, but you will not find anything like these scripts anywhere on the planet. They are unique to this trading system.
What you get in the System:
My Proprietary Indicators & Scripts for ThinkorSwim (TOS) and Tradingview (TV)
7 years and $403,380 in development costs now ready for you to grow your wealth. These are unique, custom-built indicators. Each indicator has been carefully tested and used in real trading. You get:
• The “Predictor” 2 Line Script™ (shown in the video above and screenshots)
• The Bell Curve Oscillator™
• The Dominance Script™
• The Overnight Support/Resistance Script™
• The Opening Range Breakout Script™
• The Volatility / Momentum Index™
• The Technicals (Buy/Sell Indicator)™
These are the golden keys to success in your own six-figure trading business If you bought all these scripts to run your trading business it would cost over $14,500 but you won’t pay that.
Plus all these BONUSES:
• BONUS #1: GSTS Masterclass
The Guaranteed Success Trading Seminar (GSTS) was a live, online seminar for our private members. Each paid a minimum of $2,497 to be present for the 6-weekly sessions. It’s the foundation of the basis arbitrage strategy up to and including, advanced level material. If I sold these recordings separately they would be priced at $3,500, but they are yours for joining at no extra cost.
• BONUS #2: Trade Signal Alerts
When I take a trade I post it in the Slack channel and explain why I took the trade. This service is included with your purchase of the System. No monthly fee, this service is invaluable, especially to new members. A $3,000 annual value.
• BONUS #3: Daily Wrap-up Videos
Each night after the market closes (Monday-Thursday) I upload a video covering the spreads we trade and provide my analysis. Each video is easily digestible and typically run just 5 - 10 minutes. Members state this is their favorite part of their membership. I do this with NO monthly fee. A $1,200 annual value.  
• BONUS #4: Membership Area
As a Member you’ll receive a unique password to access our special Member’s area. In the Member’s area you’ll be able to access the trading indicators and scripts, the full GSTS Masterclass, additional resources and a unique option course I call “MM”, videos on how to setup TOS and TV and more. You’ll also have options in case you need Support. There’s NO monthly fee for access to the Member’s area.
• BIG BONUS #5: Members Only Slack Channel Access
Community… where would we all be without the support of a like-minded community? We are super supportive of new traders, and freely give our time to help answer questions and provide encouragement to members. It’s a benefit I can’t place a value on, it’s too valuable to even try. But it’s included with your one-time payment and, again, with NO monthly fee. A $2,400 annual value.
That’s $6,600 annually in additional value INCLUDED and over $10,000 in training and custom scripts INCLUDED
For a total of $16,600 in real total value
Everything you need to start and build a six-figure trading business
Get your trading business off the ground and running fast. Sign up now and stop wasting time on ‘penny ante’ businesses that make nothing and have huge overhead and expenses. Take the most direct route and get to six-figures as soon as possible.
Experience Counts!
Learn From Someone Who Actually Trades!
(and is not just a marketer)
I trade two accounts. Here’s account #1
My ‘trade journal’ (closed trades) from account #1
My current ‘open’ positions
Yes, I trade my own strategy.
How would you feel if you saw your business grow like this?
I’ve been trading since I was 16 years old. I’ve traded options for over 36 years… I’ve traded through booms and busts like the 1987 crash (still the largest one day percentage decline in market history), the 2k “dot com” bubble, the 2008 Great Financial Crisis (GFC), the 2020 COVID decline and the great bull markets in between
I’ve seen it all in the 40+ years I’ve been a trader. And I can guide you to safety and if you want to be a six-figure trader.

I keep a low profile… I’m not a guru who wants the limelight and the notoriety … I’m just like you… a family man with a wife (married going on 30 years to the same woman) and 4 great children.

The one key difference is I have knowledge that you may not have. I spent over $403,380 and 7 years to developed the scripts and system for trading this strategy so you didn’t have to.

You may want to join us, but you don’t have to decide now… take my system for a test-drive for the next 30 days. Say hello to the community, make some paper trades and get a good feel for it… then decide.
However, membership is strictly limited
And once I reach that limit I will cut off membership. Why?

Well, as I mentioned above I do not want employees. If I go over a certain number of members I will need to add employees for support and I’ll have to start charging monthly fees as well to cover those expenses.

Once I reach that limit, membership will be closed.
“Will you let someone else take your spot?”
Instead, why not take me up on my 30-day test-drive …?
To Watch The Video, Click The Video 'PLAY' Button Below and Make Sure Your SPEAKERS Are Turned Up...
Learn How It's Possible To Start Generating Extra Income From The Stock Market...
...WITHOUT Needing To Be An Expert, WITHOUT Needing A Lot Of Money, and WITHOUT Being Chained To Your Computer All Day...
...Even With A Smaller Trading Account
Can I ask you a quick question?

Are you still struggling to make consistent trading profits online?

Did you know it's been said that only around 10 percent of online traders make money?

And that the other 90 percent lose?

And when you think about it like that it’s no wonder why so many investors are beyond
frustrated when it comes to trading.
But Here's The Good News...
There are a few underground traders who know a secret formula…

That when used correctly can help flip those odds on their head…

And immediately help start moving you towards the winning percent…

Where it’s possible to start generating income trading profits

Using nothing more than a...
Simple Little Options Trade...
3 Minute Trade
Hi, my name is Dan and over the last 15 years I’ve helped regular, everyday traders, just like you, learn how it's possible to start pulling extra income trading profits from the stock market.

And on this page, I’m going to show you how you can get started learning the same thing too...
WITHOUT needing to be an expert…

WITHOUT needing a lot of money…

WITHOUT being chained to your computer all day….

EVEN with a smaller trading account.
You see, 20 years ago when I first got started, my wife and I had just gotten married and moved into our first place.

Here's a picture of the little dumpy apartment we lived in back then...

(notice those gorgeous bedroom views overlooking that loud, nasty Los Angeles freeway)...
Apartment Next To Freeway
But the 'honeymoon' quickly ended when we realized that even though we were both working full time jobs, we still weren’t earning enough money every month to make ends meet.

And then we wound up with one of these...
New Baby
And even though having a brand new baby was absolutely amazing, if you look closely at my face in the picture above, you can pretty much see exactly how I felt...




Stressed out…

Not sleeping…

And on the verge of basically freaking out.
Because Financially We Were Drowning...
At the end of every month we’d always wind up short, and then either have to go dip into our small savings, or pile up more debt on credit cards.

And I felt like a failure, because I’d always dreamed of raising a family in a beautiful house on a quiet suburban street...

...where my wife could be a stay at home mom…

But instead, here we were still living in a tiny little apartment, next to a noisy, filthy freeway…

…having to put our sweet, newborn baby into daycare…

…so my wife could go back to work... help bring in just enough money to STILL not cut it every month.
So That's When I Began Looking For
Additional Ways To Make Income...
And It's How I Got Into Trading...
And right off the bat I had success with this trading program I joined, where I immediately had amazing results using a paper money account.

So thinking I had found ‘the answer’, I convinced my wife to let me take the little money we had left in our savings - and put it in a ‘real’ trading account.

And, well - I’m sure you can probably guess the rest of this story…

It turned out those first few paper trades had been a TOTAL FLUKE -

And as I started to trade real money - I began to LOSE.

And Lose and Lose and Lose.

Which quickly snowballed into this crazy, nightmarish, trading ‘death spiral’…

Where I frantically tried to recoup my losses by bouncing around from trading system to trading system…

Trying nearly ‘every stock market method known to man’…

Desperately attempting to make SOMETHING work…

Only to keep on LOSING

And then ultimately…
And then I had to go and confess to my poor wife that I had just burned through and lost almost our entire account.

And that was the worst day ever.

Because I had completely let down my family.

I had totally blown it.

I was embarrassed…


And totally disgusted with myself.

And as far as trading was concerned -

I was ready to just throw in the towel, give up, and quit.
But Then Something Amazing Happened...
Through a strange sequence of events, I wound up getting my hands on this beat up little green book...

That led me to discover a little known trading method that wound up turning everything around.

It was this weird way of trading that was totally different than anything I’d ever seen or heard of before.

It was the exact opposite of everything I had tried and failed with in the past…

And it had everything that I was looking for.

It was a way of trading that allowed me to have..
- Super high odds of winning.

- Could be consistently profitable - giving me the potential to generate extra income every month.

- Simple and easy to understand - even for beginners.

- Could get it set up and running quickly.

- It didn't require a ton of money to get started - it could be used even with a smaller trading account.

- It was easily scalable - I could start off small and then over time potentially grow it up into something big.

- Had limited risk - so I didn't have to worry anymore about taking huge losses or blowing up my account.

- It could be super forgiving and hard to mess up - a way of trading that I could still win with - EVEN if I was wrong.

- It was evergreen.

- It was a trading system that I could make it work in a wide range of different market conditions - up, sideways, or down.

- It could be set up to run almost entirely on 'auto pilot' - so I didn’t have to be glued to my computer all day.

- And it took very little time for me to manage – I could do it spending just minutes per month.
It's An Amazing Way Of Trading...
And today I'd like to share it with you...

So that's why I'm proud to introduce...
3 Minute Trade
Image is for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital delivered product.
Here’s everything you’re going to get inside this special training program…
First, you get The Complete Training: How the trade works, why it works so well, and how to start implementing it right away.
In this part of the program you'll learn the complete strategy in easy to understand A-to-Z detail.

You’ll see exactly how the trade works, why it works, and how you can start implementing it right away.
Next I'll give you my Winning Trade Formula.
In this part of the training I'll show you the super simple formula I use to help find winning trades.

I have a very simple 3 step process that quickly produces a list of high probability trades to help stack the odds in your favor.
Then I'll show you everything you need to know about Placing The Trade.
It’s incredibly quick and ridiculously simple.

So simple it's something I was able to teach my nine year old daughter how to do when she was just in the 4th grade.

Here's a picture of her putting on one of these trades in the morning before heading off to school...
Putting On Trade
This trade took her exactly one minute and nine seconds to put on.

Super fast, super simple, and I’ll show you how to do the same.
Next I'll show you how it's possible to put these trades almost entirely on Auto-Pilot so you can just walk away and go do whatever else you want to do without having to worry or think about the position again.
And Then Finally...
Then finally, I'll show you some tricks that I call Probability Stackers to help increase your odds of winning even more.
When you join us today you'll ALSO get the following bonuses COMPLETELY FREE
Options Cashflow Training Course
Options Cashflow
Image is for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital delivered product.
The first bonus is our additional Options Cashflow Training Course.

This bonus will introduce you to options trading in an easy to understand way - as well as give you another simple low maintenance cash flow trading strategy you can start using to go after even more income from the market every month.
Retirement Income Trading Blueprint
Retirement Income Trading Blueprint
Image is for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital delivered product.
The next bonus is called the Retirement Income Trading Blueprint.

This bonus gives you an additional trading strategy that you can either use by itself - or - simply plug in and use with your new Edge Trading System which it compliments perfectly.
Explosive Profits
Explosive Profits
Image is for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital delivered product.
The next bonus is called Explosive Profits.

If you’re someone who is looking for a little more stock market action without taking on a lot of extra risk, then this bonus is perfect for you. 

This training shows you a simple, lower risk, swing trading tactic that can be used to go after quick profit bursts from the market in shorter time periods.
Income Trading Magazine
Income Trading Magazine
Image is for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital delivered product.
And lastly, you’re going to get a complete full year quarterly subscription to our popular Income Trading Magazine.

With this bonus you’ll get each new quarterly issue full of income trader tips, tricks, secrets, training, strategies, case studies, articles, and more.
This Added Bonus Module shows how this strategy can be traded in a BEAR MARKET.

Up until the beginning of this year the stock market in general has been on a decade long bullish run.

However, when January 2022 hit, all that changed - and the market has been dropping ever since - officially becoming a 'Bear Market' just last month.

BUT - one of the benefits of this strategy is that it can be used regardless which way the market moves - up, down, or sideways.

And in this added bonus module you'll see just how flexible and robust this trading strategy can be - and how it can be traded regardless if the market is going UP, SIDEWAYS, or DOWN.
Income Trading Magazine
In this Added Bonus Module you'll learn how it's possible to profit EVEN during a STOCK MARKET CRASH.

In March of 2020, the Corona Virus Market Crash hit investors catastrophically hard with one of the fastest and largest stock market declines in history.

However, as you will see in this added bonus module, even in a huge and unexpected market crash like the one we all experienced in 2020 - there ARE some very simple techniques and ways to help better protect trading positions with some little-known 'bolt on' trading strategies like...



...which is an extremely simple to use trading strategy I used to capture a super fast +107% profit right in the middle of all the Corona Virus Stock Market Crash Madness...
And in this added bonus module you will see EXACTLY in step by step detail how each of these different 'Crash Strategies' work so you can immediately add them to your own trading toolbox and have the opportunity to start using them for yourself.
Recently my wife, myself, our 4 kids and our family dog all climbed into an RV and took off on a cross country adventure that we all now refer to as our 'Great Open Road Income Trading Trip'...
Along the way we hit all the major spots... 

We visited all the major locations...

We saw a bunch of cool stuff... 

And we had a ton of fun...

But the BEST part - at least for me - was that along the way I had the opportunity to teach my kids how to trade.

Throughout the month long trip my kids made a total of 20 trades (using real money)...
Each one took them just a couple of minutes to set up, place, and manage...

And in the end, ALL of them were winners - with NO losers...
JNJ +7.2%
COST +6%
WMT +3.3%
NFLX +6%
CLX +5.3%
DIS +5.1%
T +6.4%
COST +3.1
VZ +5.2%
WMT +3.2%
DIS +5.3%
ADBE +4%
COST +5.1%
SBUX +6.1%
MA +20%
SBUX +15.3
WMT +5.3%
JNJ +4%
CL +5.7%
WMT +5.1%
And when I saw how fast they picked it up - and how quickly they started making money - I decided to pull out my camera and start making videos - keeping track, making case studies - and documenting the whole thing...
And in this bonus program, you'll get access to each of the in depth detailed case study walk throughs for each trade that was made.
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Commonly asked questions
QUES: I’m really busy can I do this part-time and do I have to sit at my computer all day?
ANS: You can do this in the morning, afternoon or evening… sometimes I put on a spread at 6 or 7 PM at night and take profits the next morning before the open. Or, I do what I did in the masterclass… I enter after the 2 Line signal fires and come back at the end of the day to take profits. You don’t have to sit at your computer all day to do this.
QUES: I’ve only been trading a few months. How easy is this to learn?
ANS: If you’ve only traded a few months you can probably pick this up in a few days, just to learn the mechanics of getting scripts setup and placing orders. Everything else, including advanced strategy will be included in the training modules you’ll receive.
QUES: If this was such a good strategy won’t it be ruined if too many people learn how to do it?
ANS: Futures, stocks and ETF’s on the NYSE and Nasdaq is a $250 billion per day market. The strategy will not be ruined by more people learning it. Even if 10,000 people learned it (or more), it would not be ruined.
QUES: How much money do I need to start trading?
ANS: I would suggest a minimum of $2500 in your brokerage account to start, but you can trade as large as you want.
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“Yes! I’m ready to start my own cash trading business!”
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